New website

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Woodside hotel’s new website.

There have been many changes that have gone on in the hotel in the last year.

We’ve had a different website but it was one provided for us by a third party hotel channel manager.

Many hotels have these and, to an extent, they do a job.

But they are a bit limited in what they can showcase.

We have many comments of “if only I knew this was on” and, ironically, in the world of digital 24/7 media it is actually harder in many ways now to get your information across.

So, the new website is here and shows that letting rooms is actually just one part of a modern hotel.

The social media pages will always have unique content and instant news but on here you can see the broad brush of what’s going on in the hotel, now and in the near future.

The past too, as the Clipper restaurant has quite a unique history.

Thanks for viewing the website and we hope to see you in the hotel.

John and Lis