Tenement and Temple to Play Woodside Hotel 24 July 2019

Glasgow's Tenement and Temple to Play Woodside Hotel Aberdour

Glasgow’s Tenement and Temple are to play Woodside Hotel 24 July 2019 – as part of their mini Scotland tour. This gig is guaranteed to be a night to remember. If you aren’t familiar with the name, read on…

TENEMENT & TEMPLE is a new route for Scottish songwriters Monica Queen and Johnny Smillie alighting gracefully on the hymnal stylings of pre-war Americana and the lush, widescreen Countrypolitan sounds of the 60s.

Singer Monica and guitarist Johnny were central to seminal Glasgow country-rockers Thrum.

Signing to Fire Records they recorded their debut album in San Francisco. American Music Club producer Norman Kerner was at the helm. With it, they shrugged off the prevailing trappings of Britpop and introduced mid-90s indie kids to the joys of Gram Parsons. In doing so, they pioneered the UK wave of the nascent alt.country scene in the process.

Monica Collaborations of Note…

Monica is now known though and highly regarded for her numerous guest appearances, most notably duets with Shane MacGowan, Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian (video below), particularly on the latter’s early classic ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’, and for her elegant, Smillie-produced solo records.

Johnny is better known these days for his studio work, but is never happier than when playing his guitar and singing harmony to Monica.

Their new route is a free, melodic and expansive harmonic domain in which dissonance exists with simple beauty and a sense of mischief wrapped in a cassock of spirituality. The pair’s love of musical greats such as Elvis, Neil Young, Emmylou, Gillian Welch, Carter Family, Doris Day and Willie Nelson is laid bare on this, their debut collection of songs.

Book Your Tickets Now

Book your tickets now for when Tenement and Temple Play the Woodside Hotel to avoid an disappointment. They’re available on BookitBee here.

You can find the Tenement and Temple Youtube Channel here. or pop on over to the T&T Facebook page here.

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