• Woodside hotel

  • Woodside hotel function room

  • Woodside hotel function room

  • Woodside hotel function room

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  • Aberdour pier from the Black Sands

    Black sands beach, Aberdour

The Woodside Hotel is perfect for business or community meetings and conferences.Our conference room can accommodate up to 100 delegates.We have wifi in all areas of the hotel and projector/screen and PA in the conference room.We have break out areas.The Clipper Room can accommodate smaller groups, of up to 20 people, if your meeting is on a smaller scale.We can, of course, cater for refreshments, lunches and evening meals for your conference or meeting.Conferences are not just about what goes on in the hall.Steve Jobs was well known for his walking meetings.Taking time out for a walk (or a run) to the harbour or along the Fife Coastal Path can release creative thoughts in a way meeting in a noisy city centre cannot.Each conference is unique in its requirements, so please contact us for availability and a quotation.To book, call 01383 860328 or email reception@thewoodsidehotel.co.uk