Films at The Woodside

Films at the Woodside Hotel

Films at The WoodsideOne of the most enjoyable parts of running a multi faceted operation such as The Woodside is putting on films.

A lot of us have nice TVs and Netflix subscriptions but there’s a time for going out to see a film, perhaps also to see a film with friends.

It could be a film you haven’t seen for a while, a film that’s cropped up in conversation or simply one which you missed or found too expensive at the local multiplex.

So, we see ourselves as plugging that gap of putting on a film you’d like to see in a different surrounding from home which guarantees a good night, or afternoon out.

It needs to be said that we are offering a quality cinematic experience.

We have a first class projector, screen and integrated sound system expertly installed by AVD of Dalgety Bay.

All our films are shown on either 4D or Blu-ray versions.

You can also enjoy a drink during the show!

One Friday per month we shall (mostly) show a film which has been on recent release.

One Sunday late afternoon per month we shall show a classic.

You can view our schedule here.

Admission is just £4.

Admission is free for those dining with us that night and for our residents.

Hope to see you at Films at The Woodside!

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